Transit  Express  France  International   Mer Air Route
International  Freight  Forwarders
Tél 1. (33) 01 48 64 35 97 / Tél 2. (33) 01 48 64 35 98 - Fax. (33) 01 48 64 35 99
Company address : 8, rue des 2 Cèdres
Zone Fret 3 Sogafro - B.P. 10229 - 95703 Roissy CDG

Tefimar is situated at the airport.  Its activities consist of

Air and sea collection and distribution
International and national transport
Freight forwarding,
Collection of air-freight
-Forwarding and dispatch of all air, sea and land goods.
-Assembly of merchandise.
-The import, export, stockage and delivery of parcels and all other related services.
   Situated in the airport CDG, our  shops are well-placed for dealing with all import and export freight.  It is also possible to book space for specific items.
   Furthermore, the use of our shops helps make  customs formalities easier and allows the export or import to be completed within half a day assuming all necessary documents are available.
   Our services include picking-up of goods, packaging and sorting out into containers of all sizes and types. Within half a day, the service ET can pick up goods from the Parisian region with a simple telephone-call from you.
   In an emergency, it is possible to pick up goods very fast (the timing depending on the distance between the pick-up point and the chosen airport.)
   Tefimar looks after the labelling of parcels (special labelling being required for dangerous materials,)  special labelling for specific cases, checking of dimensions and weights of packages, sorting and stocking when  not in the care of Tefimar during customs control, bookings by airline companies.
   Tefimar sends and receives packages throughout the world, as well as grouping goods. The main areas for collecting of parcels are,,,
Export :
- AFRICA (Burkina faso, Cameroun, Congo, Côte d'Ivoire, Gabon, Guinée, Nigéria, Niger, Mali, Sénégal, etc...)
- LATIN AMERICA (Colombie, Vénézuéla, Bolivie, Brésil)
- THE CARIBBEAN (Martinique, Guadeloupe)
- AUSTRALIA (Sydney, Melbourne)
- SAUDI ARABIA (Jeddah, Riyadh)
- FAR EAST (Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapour, Séoul)
- MIDDLE EAST (Dubaï, Beyrouth, Koweit, Abu Dhabi, Bahrein, Doha, etc...)
- USA (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, Boston, Washinton, San Francisco)
- CANADA (Montréal, Toronto)
Import :
- EUROPE (Grande-Gretagne, Belgique, Allemagne)
- FAR EAST (Bangkok, Tokyo, Singapour, Taïwan, Séoul, Hong Kong, Manille)
   Our huge network of  correspondents allows us to act quickly for all forms of transport and to carry out all sorts of diverse services,
  On request, TEFIMAR can take out partial or complete insurance.